↠ Welcome To My Shire For Book Lovers And Adventurers. ↠

Hello fellow book lovers and welcome  to the start of this bookish adventure; TheBookshireHuntress 


》I have had always had a love for reading ever since I was a little girl. Books provided me with a safe place to escape to when reality became too much and a friend when I had felt most alone. ♥

》That is why I am choosing to start this journey, to share my love for books and to enjoy along side others, the magic reading can bring to life. ♥

》This blog is going to be a place for anyone and everyone who loves books to come and enjoy. I will do many many reviews (of course) as well as some other fun posts and am always up for some requested posts too. I have a big vision for this blog and hope that you all will enjoy this journey as much as I will.

Without further ado, welcome to the bookshire ♥


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