There Are Monsters In The Sea | An Eliza and Her Monsters Review



Title: Eliza and Her Monsters

Author: Francesca Zappia

Publisher: Greenwillow Books

Page Count: 385

Release Date: May 30, 2017


You Are My Constellation

Oh my gosh you guys, I am sitting here after power reading through the second half of Eliza and Her Monsters and I cannot even begin to tackle all of the emotions swarming in my head and heart — Those of you who haven’t read it call me dramatic, call me crazy but I am seriously so in love with this story. So prepare yourself for an entire fangirl review. You are welcome. 🙂

This story really captured my attention and held onto it for dear life. I am so entirely happy that I read this book and recommend it to anyone and everyone but especially to those of you who just need something to help them feel things other than bland bleh everyday boring emotions. I know this book was that for me.

Seriously I cannot properly explain to you all the many reasons for my love for Eliza and Her Monsters… But here is what I can tell you from my experience with this book… Enjoy! 🙂 


  • I freakin’ Love Eliza Mirk! This has to be one of the most brilliantly relatable characters of the year — At least in my opinion. I love Eliza and the world the author created for her. She was this awkward quirky girl who lived best within the four walls of her bedroom, watching dog days and creating pages for her Monstrous Sea webcomic. It was her own little world that no one knew who she was. She was simply ‘LadyConstellation‘ who just so happened to kind of be internet famous. Eliza didn’t fit into the real world — she didn’t communicate well with others, she wasn’t interested in sports, being at school, or even basic human interaction. Her only friends were online and she engulfed herself in that world as much and as long as possible. Sound familiar? I feel like everyone had that teenage phase where all they wanted to do was be online in chat rooms and talking to people you didn’t have to see face to face. At least for some of us thats how it went… My point is Eliza is such a real character she is someone you feel like you already know and becomes a friend.
  • I rather enjoy the idea of having something entirely to yourself. Much like Eliza had Monstrous Sea. I think everyone needs their own outlet that no one really knows about. Something that is entirely yours and yours alone.
  • Wallace and Eliza gave me allllll the feels. Like omg. waay adorable. I absolutely loved Eliza and Wallace’s relationship I couldn’t stop smiling over how completely awkward but adorable they were together. It felt like any typical relationship but it was 10x more adorable because they both were incredibly awkward and horrible at basic human interaction. But man oh man were they perfect together caught in their own fandom central gushing about Monstrous Sea, Dog Days and Children of Hypnos. They were exactly what each other needed at just the right time. I know sounds cheesy and cliche as hell but seriously, read it. You won’t regret it! 😀
  • Anxiety and Depression factors. Okay I’ve mentioned a good 198473 times how much I loved this book. But I think this is one of the biggest reasons. A lot of books i’ve read approach this kind of subject so straightforwardly that it becomes a trigger to a lot of people who suffer with any one of these. The author did so amazing at approaching this subject delicately but still able to prove a point. Like when Eliza went to the counselor she got some great advice but what she did with it was up to her. The counselor did not try to tell her what was right from wrong she simply listened and told Eliza that what she wanted was bound to happen. It didn’t matter what anyone else wanted from her. But what she wanted and could expect from herself. That message alone made my heart swell so much. A lot of people who write these scenes get so focused on someone else trying to fix the character or their problems when there isn’t anything to be “fixed” just worked through. I loved that so much about this book. A lot of the characters each had their own problems and each of them had to work through those problems until they reached the other side. It didn’t happen overnight. There was no switch to flip. It was entirely accurate representations and my anxiety ridden heart applauds for that
  • Monstrous Sea is something I wish ACTUALLY existed online – Like, seriously I would totally read every ounce of it and unapologetically fangirl across all the forums. It would happen and it would be glorious. Plus, I absolutely loved the pieces of the Monstrous Sea world that the author brought to life for us. I loved the pages explaining different Monstrous Sea scenes, I loved the actual comic drawings and I loved listening to Eliza’s thoughts about the scenes she was working on. It all felt so real. Like I could flip on my computer and head over to the website and it would all be there. Like seriously if any of you know any popular webcomics, fanfics or anything else awesome send it over — I’m intrigued! 
  • I loved the book set up! Oh my gosh if the books plot wasn’t enough to make me fall in love it was how awesome the book was put together. Seriously everything was perfect. The snippets of Monstrous Sea cuts, the chat messages, The user profiles and forum pages. It was set up sooo adorably. My nerdy heart was pleased.
  • I literally did not hate an ounce of this book. I actually sat here compiling together all of my feelings after JUST finishing this book and have realized I do not hate this book at all. Not one bit. Nothing in this story makes me hesitate from giving it all 5 out of 5 stars. It was just such a touching but quirky cute story that made me so happy to read. Even during the sadder parts of the novel it brought me to life. It kept my emotions whirling throughout the entire thing and all the Monstrous Sea clips within kept me excited for more and more and more. for me this is definitely a 5/5 star read and I cannot wait to see what Francesca Zappia comes up with next. I hope it will be just as amazing as Eliza. This story will stick with me for a while.

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