The Bookshire Huntress is now offering Beta Reading services for Authors. I have always had a love for reading and reviewing books, now it’s time that I pursue my passion of helping authors to prepare their novels to its highest potential. — Publication ready!

If you feel that this service is something you may be interested in pursuing please continue to read further for more information.

What is Beta Reading and Why do I want it?

You have just completed your latest novel (woo-hoo!) and your editors have looked the manuscript over, made their corrections, stated their concerns and sent you on your way, but you’re not quite satisfied yet — so, whats next? 

This, my friend, is where the beta reader comes in handy! For those of you who are not yet familiar with what beta reading is, it is when a person reads a writers unpublished but completed manuscript and critiques it. Typically, beta readers are critiquing from a readers point of view and providing insight from how a reader would feel about the book and not from the view of an editor. 

Keep in mind, beta readers are not here to: 

  • Make suggestions that take away your authentic voice as an author, 
  • Post feedback Publicly – This is not like traditional book reviews and should not be shared.
  • Copy edit or Rewrite your story – It is in fact your story, we are just providing some helpful hints.
  • Coddle you when providing feedback. – Authors deserve completely constructive but honest feedback.

I will read your manuscript focusing on the main details of the story. After a full read through of your manuscript, you will receive a one to three page edit letter where I will provide suggestions and constructive criticism. I will be answering a series of in-depth questions pertaining to your manuscript which you can view here

You are welcome to email me about questions or concerns you have about the feedback I provide to you.

Please Note: If you would revise and update your manuscript after I have completed my beta-reading for you and you would like to request me to do a full re-read or a partial re-read of specifically changed sections I may be able to fulfill this request depending on demand and scheduling. For Pricing on beta-reading or re-reading please see the prices portion of this page.

I will take an in-depth look at: 

  • Plot & Conflict 
  • Characterization
  • Pacing
  • Setting & Worldbuilding 
  • Dialogue
  • Craft
  • Overall Impression 
  • Any Author Specific Requests / Questions – Please provide those to me in your email upon initial contact
So, Why hire me as your beta-reader?

There are probably thousands of beta-readers by now, so why should you chose me to critique your novel? 

I can guarantee that if you hire me to beta-read your novel you will be hiring someone that will read and critique your manuscript with initiative, motivation and passion for the success of you and your novel. Each manuscript I critique will be with honest and useful feedback to help you to prepare your novel for the final step you need to take whether that is searching for a publisher or self publishing. I assure you I will help to make your novel publication ready!

As I read through your manuscript I will be answering a series of specific questions that will focus on things such as: Clarity, Impact, Believability and Interest. 

Books I Accept for Beta Reading:

I will only be accepting Young Adult fiction. I have the most experience with this genre therefor I feel most comfortable providing solid and essential feedback for this genre. 

Types of manuscripts accepted for beta read:

  • short stories
  • novels
  • novellas
  • novellettes 

Unfortunately, I do not beta read Non-Fiction, Middle Grade Fiction or Adult Fiction at this time.

  • I will be charging $110 USD for books between 60,000 and 100,000 words.
  • $20 extra for every additional 100,000 words.
  • Be sure to mention manuscript length in your initial email to me
  • I will be taking payments through PayPal – Half upfront and half upon completion of editing letter.